Author Solicitors and Legalities

Being a busy author, you simply cannot waste your time following the case. In general, these cases require a lot of time, as the solicitors have to file the case in different countries where the file-servers are located. Most such solicitors agree on a specific fee that covers protecting your rights in the United Kingdom. However, their agreement contains terms that you will have to pay them more in case they have to fight the case in different countries, as they have to travel to these countries in order to file a suit. Apart from this, you need to compensate them for accommodation and food costs. This might prove to be a tough task, especially if you are busy drafting a new novel. Your best option is to hand over the job to an accountant who will look after the expenses of the solicitor, and prepare your books of accounts accordingly. It is vital that you opt for a seasoned solicitor who has years of experience in fighting and winning such cases. It is the same when you hire accountants for solicitors too.

Extra information about accountants for solicitors

Do not be surprised if you find pirated copies of your latest and copyrighted novel available all over the net in .pdf version. The internet is full of hackers who find pleasure in stealing the work of book writers, making an electronic document of the same, and sharing it online free of cost. Within a couple of minutes, other such individuals download this copy and upload them on file sharing sites. You might not believe it, but almost all books and novels are available free on the net.

You can prevent this from happening if you take immediate action and file a case against the initial perpetrator of the crime. However, you need to have a lot of knowledge about the net to find out the person who has done this dastardly act, find out the hosting company through whose servers the pirated copy of your book is being shared, and issue a legal notice to them. You have to take the same legal action against the different file-hosting servers, illegally sharing your copyrighted material.

Your sole option is to get in touch with a solicitor who deals in copyright infringement cases. He or she will take necessary legal action against the cyber criminals and ensure that they stop offering your novel through different servers.