Since Finbarr M Corr came from Ireland to the US in 1960 as a missionary priest, he has led a very full life. His ministry included working with inner-city youth and the adults of Northern New Jersey as well as counseling engaged and married couples. From his early years in Paterson, NJ, he was not just tolerant of other cultures and religions, but built bridges of communication and trust among people so that together they could work together for a better world.

After 28 joy-filled years as a Catholic priest, Finbarr resigned the priesthood to marry Laurie Hutton. He continued his ministry as marriage and family therapist, professor and writer. An active Rotarian, he now fosters dialogue between Muslims, Jews and Christians as a step towards world peace and understanding.

Finbarr many readers enjoy his Irish wit, the insights into relationships that he offers, and the way in which he encourages all not to be inhibited by life's obstacles but to the cross the bridge to a more fulfilling life.

Legaginney Revisited

Legaginney Revisited is a memoir, written in the present tense, using the voice of an eight year old. The voice grows as the author progresses in years and wisdom to adulthood.

Finbarr writes about growing up in a family of nine children where being Roman Catholic was as important as being Irish. He learned from a devout mother and hardworking father that sharing his time and talent with the needy of the world help make him a whole and happy individual.

His experience growing up in Legaginney, his experience studying at St. Patrick’s College in Cavan and the training he received in St Patrick’s seminary in Carlow prepared him for many successful years as a "missionary" priest in the Diocese of Paterson, NJ.



"We are back again in County Caven, Ireland, with Finbarr Corr, in his third Legaginney book. As he grows up on the family farm, he faces the major milestones of going away to school for the first time, and eventually preparing for the seminary. In between times, he deals with day-to-day life in his rural community: his large loving family;boyhood friends;neighbors who know too much; teachers, priests, and nuns; formidable rectory housekeepers; and of course, girls. Throughout the book he searches for the right thing to do, knowing he is loved and valued at every age. Legaginney Revisited is a sweet, gentle story of a boy who became a sweet, gentle man."

- Elizabeth Moisan, Author Master of the Sweet Trade

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